Extraordinary. Unique. Ultimate. Legendary. Everything you’ve heard about the Triumph Rocket III is true. With sheer force of presence, the Rocket uses the world’s largest production motorcycle engine to deliver a simply stunning riding experience unmatched on two wheels. The Triumph Rocket III: believe in the unbelievable.


Product Description


This is a premium motorcycle so we equipped it accordingly. In addition to the basic functions the instruments include fuel gauge, gear indicator, dual trip and clock. The signature massive twin headlights make a powerful style statement and light up the road ahead at night for safe riding. The advanced ABS brakes on the Rocket III Roadster are fitted as standard. This is a massive bike that comes with huge amounts of control.


With the world’s biggest production motorcycle engine the latest Rocket III Roadster builds on the huge performance of the original Rocket III but now with even more torque.


With a shaft drive that needs no maintenance outside the scheduled service intervals, you have a roadster that’s so reliable, durable and engaging that you could even go touring on it.


The capacity of the Rocket III Roadster is huge, 2,294cc, and with a gut churning 221Nm at just 2,750rpm it has more torque at idle than most superbikes at full chat. The latest engine is unrestricted thereby delivering its full strength in the first three gears giving it almighty punch.


The three big cylinders are arranged length­ways along the bike. To tame the reaction of the massive torque, the crankshaft counter­rotates so the bike stays steady when the throttle’s blipped.

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