Style, performance and control. It’s a classy combination, but it only takes one look at the Triumph Thunderbird Range to instantly know they’ve got the lot. From making big miles disappear to dominating the urban landscape; whichever you choose, the world’s largest parallel twin engine has every answer.


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The Triumph Thunderbird engines look every cubic inch a classic cruiser motor, designed with Triumph’s unique, big­bore parallel twin twist. But don’t be fooled by the air­cooling fins. Because inside is a modern, high­performance, water­cooled power plant with sophisticated electronic fuel injection and engine management, built with Triumph’s cutting­edge quality and durability


The Triumph Thunderbird’s smooth, six­speed gear ratios deliver every ounce of the engine’s torque­rich performance, from the intense thrust of first gear right the way to an overdrive top gear for relaxed cruising and exceptional fuel efficiency. But with phenomenal overtaking power always on tap whichever gear you’re in, the Thunderbird is never found wanting.


The Triumph Thunderbird belt drive, with carbon fibre in the belt and a tungsten carbide treatment on the rear pulley, has a higher tensile strength than steel and ensures snatch­free transmission with high durability and almost no maintenance compared to chain­drive. And it doesn’t need oiling


At a colossal 1699cc, the world’s largest parallel twin engine powering the Triumph Thunderbird Commander and Thunderbird LT packs a mighty big punch, pounding out a remarkable 94PS and truly staggering 151Nm at 3550rpm. This barn­storming low down performance makes it the perfect engine for anything from effortlessly relaxed cruising across entire continents on the Thunderbird LT to cutting a domineering dash along today’s roads on the Thunderbird Commander. But with phenomenal overtaking power always on tap whichever gear you’re in, your Thunderbird is never found wanting. The 1597cc Triumph Thunderbird motor thumps out a fulsome 86PS, but the real story is a whopping 146Nm of peak torque at a mere 2750rpm. Meanwhile the 1699cc Thunderbird Storm engine raises the bar even higher to 98PS and a simply colossal 156Nm of torque. It means both Thunderbird and Thunderbird Storm’s low down power deliveries are specifically engineered to suit their chilled­out cruising vibe, but both bikes also come fully armed with serious performance under the tank to lay down the law when action is called for.


With forged pistons the size of saucers, the Thunderbird’s 1597cc, Thunderbird Storm, Commander and Thunderbird LT’s 1699cc, eight­valve, water­cooled parallel twin is engineered with a 270° firing interval for a chunky, charismatic power delivery. Twin balance shafts soothe low frequency vibes, allowing the Thunderbird’s pulsating torque to be felt across the rev range.

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