Tiger XCx

THE XC RANGE The new Tiger 800 XC models are designed to be perfect off­road bikes offering those with serious off­road intent the perfect all­purpose machines capable of going the distance. The responsive chassis and torque­laden engine is matched to the perfect blend of technology, equipment and style, resulting in a bike that can tackle the most arduous of journeys with ease. With premium WP suspension as standard, 21” spoked wheel at the front and 17” at the rear, and increased rider focussed technology including the standard fitment of traction control and switchable ABS, the Tiger 800 XC is no ordinary adventure bike.


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The LCD screen displays time, ambient temperature, fuel gauge, gear indicator, odometer and journey distance.
The Tiger 800 XRX and XCX models add more functionality with extended information including: journey time, average speed, average fuel consumption, range to empty and instantaneous fuel consumption


Switch from road to off­road to rider programmable modes on the fly ­ and overcome the weather, the road and whatever nature can throw at you.
The Tiger 800 range offers three different Riding Modes that allow the adjustment of the throttle maps, ABS and TTC to suit different road conditions. Select either ROAD or OFF­ROAD mode and the throttle maps, ABS, and Triumph Traction Control are automatically
RIDER MODE allows you to configure these settings independently to suit your own personal riding style. In RIDER MODE, the throttle maps can be switched between RAIN, ROAD, SPORT and OFF-ROAD settings.


Every Tiger 800 features first­in­class standard fitment of Triumph Traction Control (TTC) that prevents the unexpected spinning of the rear wheel and cuts the engine torque to avoid the loss of lateral grip.


The Tiger 800 models feature Cruise Control as standard, making long journeys more comfortable and helping fuel efficiency.



Delivering a seamless flow of torque across the rev range, the Tiger 800 is as perfectly suited to long­distance rides as it is to tackling the tough stuff. The second generation 800cc engine now features a rideby­wire throttle system which provides smoother power delivery , better response and lower emissions.


The new Tiger 800 has a 17% improvement in fuel efficiency that, coupled with the capacious 19L fuel tank, means you can ride longer.


The gearbox selector mechanism is derived directly from the class leading Daytona, for quicker smoother shifts.

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